The methods of penis enlargement

However, the testimonies of the men show that, with the help of special exercises and simulators penis can still. Home remedies to enlarge penis qualitatively different from those that are offered by the manufacturers of the various medications and special stretchers.

In the composition of special teas and wines contain only natural ingredients that do not cause damage to the detoxification organs. Today, the publication addresses the way to safely increase the phallus, with the help of which you can change the diameter and length of the penis, as well as strengthen erections.

The opinion of the experts

as to enlarge the member

If it is possible to penis enlargement remedies? The specialists in the field of reproductive medicine and andrology sure that the most effective way of correction of sizes of childbearing age, the authority is of plastic. However, this does not exclude the possibility of the use of alternative means with the purpose of thickening and lengthening of the penis.

As has been elucidated, even with the help of broths and infusions based on medicinal herbs and some products may increase the cock for about 2-3 see To understand what is happening, it is necessary to consider some features of the structure and functioning of the male genitals.

The penis is composed of muscle tissues, fluffy structure (erectile tissues) and the blood vessels. During pubertal period in the body of the boy begins to appear a large amount of male hormones, promote the development of childbearing age, of the authority. In turn, the deficit of testosterone in the blood negatively affects the growth of tissues, so the options of phallus suffer small changes. But if in adulthood, for a long time, to use growth stimulators, with the time, this will inevitably lead to the lengthening and thickening of the penis.

Folk medicine offers several ways of correction of volume and length of the penis. Chiropractic is more focused on improving the microcirculation of the blood in the groin area, thanks to the fact that recovers of trophic of tissues. The acceleration of the processes of change, and mechanical stretching of the penis involves the formation of new tissue in the corpora cavernosa. And this, in turn, over time, leads to a lengthening and thickening of child-bearing age, of the authority.

Penis enlargement methods

In the opinion of experienced men in growth of their penis remedies most easy and safe method for correction of the sizes of penis. The effectiveness of the therapy depends largely on the regularity of use of one or the other stimulants of the growth. The most effective popular methods of penis enlargement, we can highlight:

  • the herbal medicine;
  • the suspension of the goods;
  • the quiroprctica (self-massage);
  • vacuum of the depression;
  • the healthy eating.

To achieve the desired effect, it is recommended to combine several methods of correction of the penis. It is convenient to listen to the advice of experienced men, and to respect the rules of physiotherapy procedures.

It should be understood that the evil of the exercises leads to the violation of the circulation of the blood in the penis and damage to the tissues.

As a result, this can lead to sexual activity, anxiety disorders, or decreased sensitivity of the head of the phallus.


Special complexes of exercises to increase the penis, but only in the case of a regular celebration of manipulative therapy. During classes, produces the stretching of the fabric of the tunic, surrounding cavernous body. With time, the vacuum is filled with new structural elements, thanks to which increases the length and the diameter of the shaft of the penis.

Before you enlarge penis with exercises, it is desirable to heat the tissue in the groin area, to increase its elasticity. To do this, you can use bags filled with warm salt or hot compresses. It improves the circulation of blood, you can safely stretch the fabric, without fear of damage. During self-massage is recommended to perform the following series of exercises:

  • caught the crown phallus, pull it to the right, making a pause in the position for 1 minute;
  • in the same way, pull up the sexual organ to the left;
  • hold the member near the foundation;
  • slow movement directly enter the blood closer to the head of the penis;
  • repeat the exercise not less than 10-15 times, after that among the penis, to restore in it the circulation of the blood.

To improve the sliding of the fingers on the trunk of the phallus, apply a small amount of massage oil or vaseline.

Doing exercises to the penis enlargement, it is necessary to "listen" to your body. During self-massage in the member, there should be no discomfort and pain. To lengthen the phallus to 3-4 cm, do the massage at least 3 times a day for six months.


Popular mix of seeds, respectively, contains not less than 100 different of the receptors for the preparation of broths and infusions, which can be increased and the length and diameter of the the fertile area of the authority. As stated by the supporters of the popular medicine, infusions of herbs affect beneficially on the erectile function and stimulate the body's production of male hormones. To make sure of a penis with the help of special tools, raw material for the preparation of broths, it is recommended to use the following herbs:

  • the ginseng root – prevents the synthesis of cortisol, which inhibits the body's production of male hormones;
  • Tribulus – stimulates the production in the organism of specific hormones that contribute to the release of testosterone in the blood;
  • wormwood – increases the tone of the blood vessels, which reinforces hyperemia of the penis during the erection;
  • ginger root – decreases in the body cholesterol levels and prevents the obstruction of the dorsal artery of special plates;
  • the juice of aloe – normalize in the tissues of the metabolic processes, and therefore accelerates the process of formation of new structural units of the erectile tissue.

Important! Before you use the popular tool, check with your doctor, as some herbs may cause an allergic reaction, and nausea.

By means of the media can not only affect the adjustments of childbearing age, of the authority, but also to increase male fertility. In addition, using popular recipes biostimulators can influence the strength of the erection right before the sexual act. The decoctions of herbs, increase sexual stamina and stimulate the maximum filling of the cavernous bodies of the blood.

Vacuum of the depression

tools for penis enlargement

With what means can rapidly increase the volume of the phallus? Vacuum treatment is the safest and most effective increase in of child-bearing age, of the authority. Traditionally, for the thickening of the shaft of the penis use the so-called vacuum of the pump. The essence of his work consists in the creation of the low pressure around the penis, so that in the tissue, literally, to "enter" a large amount of blood. Therefore, it causes stretching of the corpus cavernosum in the penis, thanks to the fact that its diameter increases from 1 to 2 see

To make that type of vacuum pump of improvised means. Using the tips of the men, as the vacuum pump, the ceremony can use the glass jars. "Work" is the principle of medical cans, of which with the help of the burning of these expenses are replaced by the heated air. This in turn leads to a decrease of the atmospheric pressure in the inside of the tank. By the method can be used not only during the treatment of the diseases of cold, but also with the purpose of increasing the volume of the penis.

To use the banks for the increase of the penis, you must follow the following steps:

  • wash the can of 1 l in a soap solution;
  • dip it in the alcohol on a small piece of rock wool;
  • burning watu lance in the background of the banks;
  • enter in the hole of the banks penis;
  • firmly press the jar to the pubic area.

In just a few seconds, fleece is off, and dressed in the air cools and begins to contract. The atmospheric pressure is lower than that of the environment. In this sense, the tissue of the penis quickly begin to fill with blood, causing it to stretch to cavernous tel. Using popular methods of penis enlargement, one should not forget about your own safety. To avoid tissue injuries, burn only a small piece of wool. In the opposite case, do not rule out the occurrence of burns on the surface of the penis.

The suspension of the load

The suspension of the load – the easiest way to effective and popular method of enlargement of phallus. As weight it is recommended to use full bottles of water. Before lifting the load it is necessary to heat the tissue of the penis in the media that have been described above. During the time of execution of the exercises it is necessary to respect the following rules:

  • conveniently located on the edge of the bed, a little open legs;
  • wrap the trunk of a member in the area of the head of the elastic bandage;
  • secure the bandage bond rubber;
  • type in a bottle of ordinary water;
  • one end of the rope tie to the neck of the bottle, and the second is the fork metal;
  • attach the hose clamp on top of the elastic bandage and slowly standing, stretch the member not more than 10-15 minutes a day.

According to the practical observations, the means of penis enlargement are much less effective than the traditional methods, which are recognized by modern medicine. However, by increasing the member methods, you don't run the risk of undermining his health, which cannot be said of the use of hormonal drugs and food of dubious quality.

The tool for the penis enlargement

If the guy you need the tool for the penis enlargement, not worth worrying about: the pharmacy produces many tools able to change the dimensions of child-bearing age, of the authority, without surgery. It is only required to collect the drug, which has no contra-indications to match the characteristics of your body.

Pills and drugs

To solve a problem related to the weak erection dignity of man, apply several tablets, as well as others of all kinds of medications that help to increase the penis in all directions.

Important! The primary target of these tools increases the libido, eliminating the possibility of the ejaculation, is guaranteed to provide sensitive open about the erection.

In the search for solutions in problems, it is necessary to understand what are the means to increase the cock, do not generate side effects. Carefully look at the garlands or ointments, produced as in the species, and synthetic base.

Although the industry produces a wide variety of creams for the correction of the dimensions of the penis, or much less, each tool safely and effectively. Analysis of the clients of the men, we've compiled a list that includes the best tools in this category. Some provide a temporary effect, others have a prolonged action, however, require the regular use.

Use the cream is very simple: first, read it, think about necessary is the dosage and then apply the necessary amount of funds in the trunk of the penis and perform the movements as in the massage to rub in the skin with the cream. Hurry, must not, follow prudent and a smooth, but intense. Thanks to this member does not injured, the active components of the cream qualitatively from entering the fabric.

Almost all the gels, designed to increase the size and dignity of man, are similar in the composition of the ingredients. Contain different ingredients the warming or invigorating effect. The concentration of the data is minimal, as a strong action may cause a complication in the form of swelling, rash, burning sensation, and burns. Use gels necessary, while scrupulously respecting the regulations.

To ensure that the increase of the dimensions of childbearing age, the authority recommended the use of subcutaneous injections. Distributed these two options for penis enlargement:

  • the use of hyaluronic acid;
  • lipofilling.

We will consider each case of such manipulation.

Hyaluronic acid

This injection procedure provides an introduction under the skin of the penis special of the fillers, the base, which acts as a hyaluronic acid. These materials are fully compatible with human tissues.

A method to increase the size and dignity of man is very convenient, since it does not require hospitalization and general anesthesia. The period of brief recovery, after several days, the man is able to live their sexual life, despite of waiting for a permanent effect you should not.


the increase of member of the

If the man is afraid to write under the skin of the penis synthetic materials, will move you closer to the other of the methodology lipofilling. The increase of the authority is achieved through the introduction under the skin of a private member of the fat layer removed from another part of the male body. Undoubted dignity of such a procedure – constancy relative to take effect and safety.

Home remedies

Many of the effective means offer and alternative & natural medicine for the growth of the dignity of man:

  • Thyme. The plant should be ground, and then make and let it go. Use ready tool should be four months, drinking on an empty stomach and before bedtime.
  • The garlic. Pour the alcohol finely chopped teeth, mix the composition, and stop to insist on ten days. Then, drink all day, to 25 drops of tincture 3 months.
  • The seeds of sagebrush. You must pour the water, and then boil 10 minutes, drain. After cooling drink the liquid.
  • The leaves of ginkgo, hawthorn and ginseng. Prepare a decoction of these components, massaged daily into the penis.
  • Butter, chopped asparagus, and milk, mixing, in a liquid, add a bit of turnip and carrot seed, place the container on the fire, wait for the acquisition of a thick consistency. Received the ointment to massage into the skin of a member.

It is the most popular of the recipes for the alternative therapy to help increase the genitals of the men. But the possibility of herbal treatment are endless, you can select another cash of the cooking, based on medicinal plants.